Effective Tools for Digital Marketing Agency Reporting

Effective Tools for Digital Marketing Agency Reporting


No matter how much work you do as an agency, clients need to see these results. Reporting is a way for clients to see these results in a simple, transparent way. Sure you might be great at your job, but if you are unable to communicate these results, the client will never know. Therefore, reporting is perhaps the most crucial to your relationship with clients. Reporting becomes a tool to build relationships, show your work, and makes the process transparent.

How to Build Relationships 101

You have acquired a new client. Great. Now it is important to make sure you keep that client. This is where reporting comes in. Over communicating in the beginning is key so the client knows exactly what is going on in their campaign. Reports offer an opportunity for regularly scheduled communication. It is also key to establish expectations based on the client. A bigger client with high traffic may require updates once a week, while a smaller lower traffic client could be satisfied with monthly updates. As always, make sure you are addressing the client’s needs, not your own.

Reporting is Crucial to Transparency

In the beginning of a client relationship, transparency is crucial. A client needs to know what you are doing and how you are doing it. Your job is to educate your client so they understand online metrics. Never assume that the client knows everything. However, it is equally important to deliver reports as your relationship with your client develops. Always report the good and the bad. By fully disclosing both, you establish good faith between yourself and the agency. Don’t sugarcoat your data. Report it in a clear and understanding way, always offering ways to improve. Ultimately, the goal of a transparent relationship is to encourage future conversations.

Go Beyond the Data

Perhaps most importantly, do not just send over a report to a client. Explain what you are doing, explain how you are doing it, and explain what you are changing. Data is super valuable, but without someone to explain what it means for the client, it is useless.

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