Confronting Challenges in Client Reporting

Confronting Challenges in Client Reporting

You already know that reporting is a priority for digital agencies. More importantly, you know that you must understand what you are reporting, otherwise communication between you and your client is impossible.

However, numerous agencies have reported challenges in reporting – especially difficulties with Google AdWords. This is a huge problem. When you are shaky on understanding a certain type of data, you will not be able to accurately interpret the significance. This makes it impossible to communicate your data to management or clients. It is imperative that you do not just churn out data, but understand and communicate it effectively as well.

Major Challenges:

LXRPlugin team conducted a survey of paid search agencies asking them about their reporting progress. About 30% of agencies reported that exporting data from Google AdWords to be difficult and 68% agreed that Google AdWords has a steep learning curve.

While exporting data may not be a major problem for agencies – effectively interpreting and analyzing data is. A whooping 58% of respondents found it difficult to develop meaningful insights out of Google AdWords. This means that they only stuck to the generic insights from Google AdWords. To be a truly competitive search agency – you need to go beyond the obvious analyses that AdWords platform provides. 50% of respondents also reported that they are spending more than 3 hours a day reporting – that’s 38% of their workday. That’s way too much.

How to Get Powerful Insights and Streamline the Process?

One way is through automated reporting. There are numerous tools out there for marketers to choose from depending on their needs.

Agencies could invest in a tool to streamline the reporting process. These tools are generally easy to use, yet powerful enough to provide statistics and charts you need to communicate with your client. By investing in automated reporting, agencies would be able to save time and concentrate more on analysis rather than manual work.

Some tools also offer to go beyond the generic AdWords reporting. These tools offer more than just total site visitors, diving into more sophisticated metrics like comparison of conversion rates between two sites. These tools could give you a competitive advantage against your competitors.

So What Tool is Right for me?

In short, you might need to test out different tools to see which fit your agency’s needs. There is no one-size-fits all strategy to optimizing campaigns so you need to select a tool that fits into your agency’s process.

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