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How it Works

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Connect to AdWords, Analytics, and Bing

Combining AdWords, Analytics, and Bing with Excel has never been easier. Simply sign in to your Google AdWords, Analytics, or Bing account and open an Excel workbook. Click “LXRPlugin” and you’ll be able to pull all of your real-time campaign data directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

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Get Reports

You can generate a Power Report to see all of your important data in one easy-to-read place. You can then customize your reports to suit your needs. The plugin also offers actionable insights and recommendations so you can fix or enhance campaign performance right away.

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Analyze Data

You’ll be able to analyze over 20 standard or 20 analysis reports directly in Excel. You’ll see insights for each and every part of your campaign quickly and in real-time. All within 60 seconds or less.

With the LXRPlugin Tool, any analysis, dashboard, or reports you create for one account can be shared across all of your accounts. Simply log in to the other account and click refresh to see the new data populate your customized reports and analysis. This makes sharing your custom Excel analysis and data across multiple accounts quick and easy.

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20+ AdWords & BingAds Reports

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Keyword Performance Report.

Ad Copy Performance Report.

Adgroup Performance Report.

Campaign Performance Report.

Account Performance Report.

Geo Performance Report.

Search Query Report.

Automatic Placements Performance Report.

Campaign Negative Keywords Report.

Campaign Negative Placements Report.

Final Url Performance Report.

Call Metrics Call Details.

Audience Performance Report.

Keywordless Query Report.

Gender Performance Report.

Display Keyword Performance Report.

Age Performance Report.

And more!

  • Extensive data range comparisons.
  • All columns available for every report type.
  • Compare different metrics from different reports in one sheet.
  • Save custom column selections for every report type.
  • Save custom reports.
  • Use and share Excel templates for use within the plugin.

20+ Actionable Analysis Reports

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Hourly Performance Analysis.

Day of the Week Analysis.

Keyword Performance Analysis.

BMM Duplicate Analysis.

Keyword Match Type Analysis.

Device Performance Analysis.

Campaign Performance Analysis.

Ad Group Performance Analysis.

Ad Copy Performance Analysis.

Quality Score Analysis.

Geo Performance Analysis.

Impression Share Analysis.

Paid vs. Organic Analysis.

Average Position Analysis.

Bounce Rate Analysis.

Page Session Analysis.

Average Session Duration.

New Session Analysis.

Audience Performance Analysis.

Assisted Clicks Performance Analysis.

And more!

  • 20+ types of analysis reports show actionable insights.
  • Analysis reports are based on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
  • Analysis reports are generated with graphical representations to help you better visualize your data.

Custom Reports:

  • Build Weekly/Monthly reports.
  • Unlimited category level reports.
  • Automated weekly and monthly reports with graphical representations.

Account KPI Dashboard:

  • Identify key metrics in a single click through the Dashboard.

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Entrepreneurs & Small Business

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Digital Marketing Agencies

Standard Reports

Weekly / Monthly Reports

Account Dashboard

Analysis Reports

Manage multiple accounts

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No long term contracts

Change plans at any time

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